The Benefits of Open Plan Living

Open plan livingOne of the most sought-after results of homeowners looking to extend is the dream of open plan living. Every building expert will sing the praises of open plan living, and if you’re looking to extend your home, going open plan could have big benefits for you and your family.

Still need some convincing? Here are our reasons for opening up your home:

Sociable Entertaining 

The most obvious reason for choosing an open plan extension is to create the space for sociable entertaining. Just imagine a smart, sleek new kitchen at one end of the room, with a wonderful dining space at the other. No more being cut off from your guests whilst cooking, and a wonderful party space to entertain in.

If you’re looking to create a sociable space, Aspire are happy to help. Tell us the aim of your new room, and we’ll create somewhere to host the ultimate dinner party.

Family Gatherings 

Family time is precious, so who wants to spend a large chunk of that time locked in a separate room? Open plan living allows for the cook in the family to be creating a masterpiece in the kitchen, whilst the children are busy creating masterpieces in the adjoining space.

Rooms can be designed to be family friendly, and we’ll recommend ways in which children and adults alike can enjoy the space. Need a playroom area? No problem. A workstation incorporated to allow children to do their homework? Just let us know. One of the benefits of open plan living is making the space accessible to all. 

Integrating Everyday Life

Side Return Kitchen ExtensionOpen plan living means all areas of your life can be incorporated, from the living room through to the kitchen, the home study through to family areas. In smaller homes, extending in an open plan fashion can work wonders, as it really opens up the space.

The key to making it work is to zone certain areas. You may choose separate décor or design to make sure each area is distinct, but also works together. For example, choosing different colours or materials for different areas, or even having certain areas designed to be a physical step down from others, will zone the space.

From the outset, we’ll talk to you about what your open plan extension means to you. If it’s important to integrate your life but still be able to separate your home when necessary, we’ll suggest design ideas, such as folding doors. Whatever the look you’re after, an Aspire home extension will open up your home, and your life. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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