Five Reasons Home Extensions are a Great Investment

For those considering home extensions, you may be interested to hear that you’ll gain more than just a bit of square footage of living space. There are many reasons why you may wish to extend your home, but if you’re still trying to decide if it’s for you, here are our top five reasons to take the plunge and extend: 

1.    Gaining More Living Space 

Open plan livingThe obvious reason to extend your home is to gain more living space. For a growing family, home extensions can be a great alternative to the costly business of moving, as often just adding an extra room can transform the way that you live.

And just think of the possibilities for that room! Maybe you need a playroom to allow the kids to enjoy their toys and clutter in, or perhaps a larger family kitchen would change the way you socialise as a family. Alternatively, a home study or gym could create the grown up space you require.

Whatever your reasons, your builder will help you to create your dream space. 

2.    Change your Life Style

home officeIt may sound dramatic, but home extensions can actually change people’s lifestyles. If your career allows you to work from home, by creating a dedicated home office space within an extension, you’ll be more productive, creative and motivated to work.

Alternatively, perhaps you like the idea of multigenerational living. If so, by adding an extension, you could create a self-contained granny annex, allowing you to live as one large family but not be on top of each other.

3.    Create Family Harmony

small bathroomJust as your lifestyle can change through a home extension, so can your family’s harmony.

Just think what adding a second bathroom to your home could do, for example. It’s every teenager’s dream to be given a space to get ready in which is dedicated just to them, not to mention every parent’s wish not to have to hurry teenagers up in the morning because the sole bathroom is needed!

If you’ve got a younger family, the addition of a large kitchen/diner family space can mean that homework can be done under the guidance of a parent who is also preparing the family’s dinner at the same time, proving that home extensions can aid multitasking!

4.    Modernise your Home

Side Return Kitchen ExtensionBy adding home extensions, homeowners can create the house of their dreams. Perhaps the layout of your home doesn’t quite work for you, or your home would benefit from the addition of an extra bathroom or a mudroom. Whatever you need, speak to your builder about how you can transform your home in the space available to you. 

5.    Add Value!

There’s no doubt about it: adding a home extension will add value to any property!

Yes, home extensions are often about halting the immediate need to move, and therefore you may wonder why adding value is so important, but at some point in the future you may want to move or release the equity in your home, and a home extension could help with this.

Of course, here at Aspire we recommend that you look at your reasons for extending on a wider scale than this, and consider what you want from your home, but adding value through home extensions as a long term gain isn’t something that should be overlooked.

Whatever your reasons for extending, why not talk to Aspire today? We are happy to help you create your dream home, fulfilling all of your reasoning and more.

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