Our Top 5 Things to do with a Side Return Extension

Side Return Kitchen ExtensionWith house prices on the increase again we’re finding lots of people are choosing to extend their home, rather than move, to get the additional space they need. Rear extensions can eat into gardens but side return extensions can give a lot of additional living space by cleverly utilising the often unused or even neglected area at the side.

Best Uses for a Side Extension

So you’ve got some land at the side of your house and you’re interested in extending on to it? What are you going to use it for?

Here are our top 5 uses for side return extensions:

  1. Extend a kitchen: Kitchens are one of the most popular extensions that we are contracted for. A side return extension can create a large family kitchen diner that the whole family can relax together in.
  2. Create a garden room.  Side return extensions can often be lacking in natural light as they can be overshadowed by neighbouring houses.  A glass roof can combat this and can give a seamless flow from house to outdoor area. Garden rooms, with suitable windows, furniture and doors leading outside can make a stunning addition to a home.
  3. Build a designated dining area. Kitchen diners are incredibly popular and reflect our modern living and eating habits. Open to the kitchen but away from the action, a dining area built in a side return works well
  4. Extend a living room. A side return extension can add a substantial amount of useable, bright space to any living room.
  5. Create a home office or work room. Side return extensions offer great possibilities for ground floor office or work spaces that keep the rest of the house free from work clutter.

Ready to take advantage of the unused space at the side of your home? Contact Aspire Building to arrange your free initial consultation and written estimate, or to sound us out on your ideas.

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