Bifold Doors

Coming in a range of designs and colours from traditional to contemporary styles, bifold doors offer an alternative for those looking for products which provide advanced functionality as well as beautiful aesthetics. Bifolds can be opened up in a variety of configurations, stacking out of the way to one or two sides of the doorway to maximise your living space. This not only creates wide entry points into your rooms but provides expansive views of adjoining outdoor spaces. With bespoke sizing and a full range of matching hardware, our experienced team will help you to find doors which complement the style of your home perfectly.

Velux Windows

As a leading manufacturer in the roof window market, Velux has been providing high quality products to homes across the UK for over 75 years. Whether looking to enhance light and airflow through a flat roof or the ideal solution for your new loft conversion, there are plenty of designs to fit all tastes. This includes dome shaped roof windows, curved glass rooflights and flat glass rooflights, each offering benefits such as weather resistance, noise reduction and safety features. From smaller designs to large glazing options, it’s easy to achieve the perfect amount of light coming into your home.

Window Options

We install and replace all types of windows, whether traditional casement windows, sash windows or skylights. If planning a home extension or you’re looking to update the overall look of your property, we have a team of experts who have years of experience in the field.  We only offer products from top manufacturers who use quality materials, reflecting the high standards we expect for all our builds. This means they not only look great but keep your home warm, secure and require minimum upkeep. Homeowners often opt for this service when installing new doors, choosing matching products to transform the look of their property.

French Doors

When designing the perfect doors between your rooms and outdoor spaces, French doors provide a classic look which emulates the timeless elegance of this ever popular door style. Whether planning a spacious kitchen extension or building a new conservatory, French doors help define the final look. With large glazing elements and a range of bespoke options to choose from, it’s simple to select anything from modern styles to period features such as Georgian bars for a traditional appearance. Our experts can talk you through a collection of easy to operate, secure French doors available which add to the look of any home.

Sky Lights

You’ll have probably heard of the term ‘skylight’ or ‘rooflight’ as they’re popular for adding more light or ventilation through both flat and pitched roofs. When offering our comprehensive services, we include the supply and installation of skylights which can be a great product for your new spaces. Whether a Velux domed roof window or a traditional skylight shutter catches your eye, our collection of products will help increase natural light into your rooms, provide beautiful views of the outdoors (whether a starry night or a clear blue sky) and have all the functionality required to let rainwater drain properly from the roofing area.


It can sometimes be a challenge to imagine how your loft space will turn into a fully functioning room which feels part of the home and serves a particular purpose. You may even wonder how you’ll reach this new area of your property as a retractable ladder isn’t practical or acceptable under planning rules. Our in-house team comprises of experts from all fields required to build beautiful loft conversions, and this includes those offering specialist design services. They’ll ensure your loft conversion includes fully functional, new stairs which meet existing building regulations and fire safety requirements. We’ll work closely with you to decide on where the opening for the new stairs will be fitted, making the best use of your existing spaces.


When undergoing home improvements, flooring is an important consideration, especially if adding a new space to your home. We have a wide collection of flooring products to choose for your renovations, including gorgeous carpets to create a warm and welcoming feel. As part of our general building services, we can also lay tiles, solid wood and laminate flooring if looking for an alternative to carpet. All of the high quality flooring products we use are durable, versatile and come in a range of designs to suit your property.

Home Entertainment Systems

Implementing a home entertainment system can be an exciting way to change the use of your existing rooms or even help create a brand new area of your home if undergoing an extension or loft conversion. This is popular when building a conversion to create a den, gaming room or home cinema. As part of your home improvement project, we’ll help you to design the perfect layout for your room, providing specialist electrical services for the installation and wiring of home entertainment systems, including any lighting, TV sockets, AV equipment and remote control options.

Fire Doors

Most types of home alteration plans which involve structural changes will need building regulations approval. These aim to protect the safety of those in and around the building, covering areas such as fire escape routes from the new part of the property. This is especially important if building a loft conversion (where safe escape through a window would not be easily possible) and how this ties in with the rest of the existing building. As part of our services, we’ll help you select fire-resisting doors if they’re required for your project, providing a range of attractive designs which will help protect your family and home.

Sprinkler Systems

When planning a loft conversion for your home, building regulations ensure fire safety is taken into account. Not all properties require a suppression system such as sprinklers, but where there’s no adequate subdivision of a building (e.g., open plan designs) with fire-resistant doors and smoke detectors in place, this may be required. We’ll take this into account during the design and planning stages of the build, and if you need sprinkler systems installed, we’ll incorporate this into your plans.

Smoke Detectors

When adding new levels to your home, it’s essential that fire regulations are adhered to, providing the right protection for you and your family in the event of a fire. This means installing mains powered, interlinked smoke alarms within the stairway of each level of your home. These are products our team can supply and install as part of your renovation project, offering the best solutions for your home.

Underfloor Heating

In home renovations, extensions and loft conversions, underfloor heating is an option, providing benefits such as economical living, a solution where radiators would otherwise take up precious wall space and contemporary heating for comfortable living. If this is a product you’d like to explore further, our experts at Aspire can advise. We install both underfloor and under-tile heating.

Water Harvesting

Installing water harvesting systems is a great way to cut the amount of water you’re using in the home, using rainwater collection techniques. This water can be used as part of your mains supply for aspects such as flushing toilets and outside taps, as well as reducing flooding risks and controlling the flow of rainwater from the property. If you’d like to explore this idea as part of your loft conversion, Aspire can help.


If undergoing a loft conversion, insulation is important to consider. It’s also a great way to lower those energy bills, choosing a product which has a great u-value (this must be at least 0.18 W/m2K to meet building regulations) without impacting negatively on the space. Our experts will talk through your options with you, finding the best product for your needs, the size of the loft space and advising on the overall impact of insulation on your home.


To prevent condensation and damp forming in any part of your new loft space, we’ll recommend some of the best ventilation features you can add to your designs. This includes roof vents which increase ventilation and circulation around your roof timbers, and if your conversion project includes a bathroom, an extractor fan can help to remove and expel moisture from interior spaces.


We’ll look at your current heating system and boiler, using our expertise to determine how it will cope with any extension or loft conversion you’re planning. If you do require any upgrades, we’ll add this to your quote at the start of your project. As part of our gas and heating services, we can offer advice about the best type of boiler for your needs, incorporating this into your plans. Your choices will then be installed as part of your build, including any extension of your existing central heating system such as towel rails or radiators you’d like in your new rooms.




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