Complaints Procedure

It is the policy of Aspire2Build to deal with all complaints as expeditiously as possible. This involves direct contact with the Managing Director and the owner of the company, Mr Ben Coggins.

If you have any queries or complaints about any aspect of the service, please contact Mr Ben Coggins immediately in order to raise this query.

We take all complaints seriously and this means that your complaint will be dealt with within 28 days. All communication will be acknowledged within 7 days.

We will keep a record of all complaints and investigate each one.  Where we find that we are at fault, we will take all reasonable steps to correct our mistake. If after investigation we do not find Aspire2Build at fault, we will inform you in writing.

It is our preferred course of action to enter into mediation to settle any disputes before contemplating legal action.

Contact: Ben Coggins

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