If you are refurbishing your home then it’s worth taking some time to think about your interior doors because they will have a major effect on the overall appearance.

There is a great deal of choice available when it comes to interior doors and lots to think about. Here’s some advice to help you make your selection:


If you are looking to create a peaceful haven in one of more zones of your home, then think about sound proof doors as well as doors that let light flow in to enhance your relaxation. Think about decorative light panels and obscured glass for maximum privacy and light.

interior doors have a major effect on the overall appearance of a home.


Smaller rooms can be made to look more spacious by introducing mirrored doors. These can be fully mirrored or incorporate decorative mirrored panels. Sliding or folding doors will save space and there are some very attractive and solid options here: plenty of choice in style and finish.


Think about matching downstairs interior doors to your exterior doors to maintain flow through your living space. It’s quite easy to find matching designs, a lot of manufacturers are offering them now and it really does create a harmonious effect.

If you’d like some help choosing and installing interior doors in your home, get in touch.