You’ve decided to extend your home. You’ve got some meetings planned with potential builders. Now you need to prepare yourself so you’re ready to give them a decent brief so they can in return give you an accurate quote.

What exactly do you need to think about when planning a home extension?

So what exactly do you need to think about? Here’s a starter for 6:

  1. What exactly do you want to gain from your home extension? A bigger kitchen? A utility room? Another bathroom? An extra bedroom? More light and general living space?
  2. Who is the space for, and how will it be used? For relaxing? Studying? Working? Entertaining? Is it for you or the kids? Guests?
  3. What design do you want? Have you seen something you like? If so collect some photos to show your builder. Do you want to create contrast with the rest of the property, or have it all blend in?
  4. What do you want in the way of finishes? Think about the bigger things like doors and windows, lighting, flooring and décor and also the smaller features like the style of power points and light switches. All of these will have a bearing on the price.
  5. Timescale – you need to be clear on how quickly you want the project finished as it will have a bearing on the cost. Tighter timescales can result in higher prices where there is less time to spend sourcing any particular materials you’d like.
  6. Budget – be clear on how much you want to spend and do some homework beforehand to work out how much you can afford. Always allow a contingency for unexpected issues that may arise.

Have all of this ready for your initial meetings and you’ll be far more likely to get an accurate and realistic quote for your home extension.

If you’re thinking about a home extension and would like a quote, please get in touch.