Lots of people embarking on a home extension project are well aware of the need to gain planning permission and to comply with Building Regulations. However, it’s not so common to find people familiar with the Party Wall Act.

What is the Party Wall Act?

Any building works undertaken on a property is subject to the Party Wall etc Act 1996. It’s a framework for preventing and resolving disputes about party walls, boundary walls and excavations.

You need to comply with the Party Wall Act when planning a home extension.

You need to comply with the Party Wall Act when planning a home extension.

What is a Party Wall?

A party wall is any wall that stands on the lands of two or more owners and forms part of a building. So basically any wall that separates two buildings or plots of land. It can be situated over two or more properties or plots of land, or sit on just one but still be used by two or more owners to distinguish a boundary.

What you Need to Know

If you are planning a house extension and works will be carried out affecting a party wall, then you will need to serve notice – A Party Wall Act Notice – on neighbouring property owners stating your intentions. You must follow procedure to the letter and within the stipulated time spans.

The issue is that there is potential for damage to a neighbouring property when working on a party wall, and that’s why these rules are in place. If you don’t comply with the Act and then damage occurs, you could find yourself facing a costly repair bill. But if you correctly serve notice then any disputes over damage will be the surveyors’ responsibility.

We’ll Take Care of Your Party Wall Matters

You can read more about the Party Wall Act here. If you use Aspire to build your home extension, then you can rest assured we’ll take care of the Party Wall Act Notice on your behalf. We’ll also show you which walls will be subject to the Act. You can consider it all taken care of with Aspire!

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