It’s a really common question: do I need planning permission for my home extension? If the thought of applying for planning permission fills you with concern you are not alone. You only have to watch TV programmes like Homes Under the Hammer to learn that planning permission can cause major delays in projects, not to mention adding great costs.

The thing is in many cases, planning permission isn’t necessary, and if you can stay within the boundaries of what you’re allowed to build without it, you will definitely save time and money.

So what exactly are you allowed to build without planning permission? We found a good list on the Moneywise website. Builds that don’t need planning permission are known as ‘permitted developments’. You’ll only ever be able to pursue a permitted development on a house, not a flat, and never on a listed building. Here’s what comes under the banner of permitted developments:

  • Extensions that don’t exceed 50% of the total area of land around the original house. This includes outbuildings.
  • Side extensions that don’t exceed half the width of the original house.
  • Extensions to the front of a house that doesn’t front onto a highway.
  • Single storey rear extensions that don’t extend beyond three metres of the original terraced or semi-detached house, or beyond four metres of a detached property.
  • Double or multiple storey extensions that don’t extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than three metres and are not within seven metres of any rear boundary.

It is also important to observe that all materials used for exterior finishes are required to be in-keeping with the existing exterior. This does not apply to conservatories.

If you can’t comply with the above then you’ll need to apply for planning permission via your local authority. There is plenty of information on the government’s planning portal.

We’ll always tell you whether you need planning permission for your home extension so you can factor in the time and costs from the start. For your free written quote, get in touch.