How to Create the Perfect Home Office or Study

Flexible working schemes and a rise in freelance workers has meant that more people than ever now work from home. Home offices can range from a makeshift space at the kitchen table right through to a custom designed home office.

If you have been dreaming of the perfect home office or study, we can tell you that success is all in the design, but before that a full understanding of the uses of the room must be discovered. To get this information the designers at Aspire Building spend a great deal of time getting to know their clients.

It all Starts with the Planning

home officeTo create a perfect home office and to make the very best use of the space, we have to understand the needs of the individual. No two home offices are the same, needs vary greatly depending on the type of work you do, as well as the space available.

To make it work we first have to understand how you work. Do you need clear workspace and storage solutions? Will a larger than normal amount of cabling need housing and how many data points will be required?

Are there any security issues to consider? Lighting is always important but more so for different jobs, is natural light or ambient lighting crucial to the design? All of this has to be considered before we can get started on the design.

Creating the Perfect Home Office 

To ensure all the available space is used we can factor in custom fitted furniture that provides useful storage and can be fitted in to awkward spaces such as those under the stairs or in a loft conversion.

From there we can help achieve a suitable décor that will be relaxing as well as provide inspiration, something we know is vital from our experience of crafting custom home offices.

For more information about custom designed home offices that include a 2 year labour guarantee and are crafted by a team of professionals, please feel free to get in touch. We’re here for help, advice and inspiration.

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