The Party Wall Act: What you Need to Know When Planning a Home Extension

Lots of people embarking on a home extension project are well aware of the need to gain planning permission and to comply with Building Regulations. However, it’s not so common to find people familiar with the Party Wall Act.

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Home Extensions and Planning Permission

It’s a really common question: do I need planning permission for my home extension? If the thought of applying for planning permission fills you with concern you are not alone. You only have to watch TV programmes like Homes Under the Hammer to learn that planning permission can cause major delays in projects, not to mention adding great costs.

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The Costs of Extending Your Home

When we speak to homeowners about extending their properties the main question they ask – and rightly so – is how much is all this going to cost? Of course we can provide a quote for labour, materials and fixtures and fittings. But there are other costs you need to consider too so make sure you factor these into your budget.

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Five Reasons Home Extensions are a Great Investment

For those considering home extensions, you may be interested to hear that you’ll gain more than just a bit of square footage of living space. There are many reasons why you may wish to extend your home, but if you’re still trying to decide if it’s for you, here are our top five reasons to take the plunge and extend.

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